October 10, 2018

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October 10, 2018

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EPIKON Games: School Tours Series

December 26, 2017


Promoting Greek language and culture is a pillar in the mission of EPIKON.  So, we have decided to visit people and places within the Greek communities to spread our enthusiasm for the language and interest in our heritage.


In our most recent visit to a Greek Language School in Marietta,GA, where we presented EPIKON and our game, 12Athlon, we heard this: 


“I can’t find apps for the kids in Greek”  This is one of many concerns that the members of our Greek communities have.  Although parents want their children to continue learning Greek, the daily routine and other activities, makes it difficult.  Another challenge is the way children learn today,  through technology. 


Let’s face it, children today have no interest in learning in a traditional style.  They are different from past generations. They have less patience and they want fast results.  EPIKON's gamification of learning Greek with 12Athlon offers a solution to the new generation of learners.


At the school, we received positive feedback on 12Athlon from the parents, students and teachers/administrators. There was an intense interest in the concepts and skills presented in the app.  They felt like their child would be happy to play the game even though they may not be familiar with the grammar rules.  


Other feedback included, most parents feeling that the text is too challenging for their child’s level.  EPIKON's design is to immerse the child in the native language. We acknowledge the difficulty level.  However, with any foreign language, exposure is key to learning.  Children must get a feel for the language, its flow and the intonation of the words.  Most children are familiar with Greek Myths and the legends of Hercules. We want each child to feel as though they are immersed in the Greek story.


What are your views on immersion as a  language learning technique?


…. stay tuned on your epic journey to learning!


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