October 10, 2018

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October 10, 2018

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Building Herculean Strength and Skill

October 23, 2018



Building Herculean Strength and Skill with 12Athlon


Why is immersion important? There are so many benefits to being bilingual. Learning Greek as a bilingual speaker can enhance the Greek learning experience.  Similarly, research shows that learning a new language triggers areas in your brain to make you more decisive.  In their life’s journey, learners become capable of thinking on a higher level giving them the edge they need in our ever changing global society. So, equipping your students with language skills builds strength.


The research is great, but what does it mean on a practical level?  Basically it means that kids will struggle at first. It also means parents need to be supportive of their struggle.  Immersing a non-proficient speaker into a proficient environment is not easy.  By listening and reading they build vocabulary and spelling skills.  In 12Athlon, hearing a story in Greek allows students  to wrestle with the words and phrases just like Hercules wrestles with the mythological creatures.  The more they listen the stronger their skills become.


How can teachers use 12Athlon to create an environment of total immersion in their classroom? Teachers can read the passage alongside their students. They can pause the passage and ask questions to learners. Students can listen and repeat as they read with the passage.  By doing this a teacher can promote fluency and language patterns.  Increasing literacy is the key to language success and the reason Epikon supports immersion.


So, as the journey may be long and difficult, always remember your language goal!


How do you build strength and skill in your students?



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